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Book by Ronald J. Watkins: Birthright: Murder, Greed and Power in the U-Haul Family DynastyBirthright: Murder, Greed, and Power in the U-Haul Family Dynasty by Ronald J. Watkins

During this move, the engine in their U-Haul truck caught on fire and their entire cargo burned to a crisp.

Where was U-Haul during all this?
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Fighting U-Haul

As those who have tried can tell you, fighting U-Haul is no easy matter. Even if you have a legal case, it can be a nightmare. Read part 3 of the LA Times series and you will see that U-Haul has a history of “misplacing” key evidence in accident and death cases. The company has been slapped with court sanctions numerous times for its abominable legal behavior in personal injury cases. You can read one federal court sanction order here. For this reason, some lawyers may shy away from these cases, or not be equipped to take U-Haul on.

So, if you have been victimized by U-Haul, and think you have a personal injury case, the smartest thing you can do is find a lawyer who already has experience battling U-Haul and won. Below are two law firms who have posted impressive victories and already have a lot of documents about the U-Haul company that may help your case.


Legal Experts

Ted Lyon Law Firm
Marquette Wolf
Marquette Wolf
Ted Lyon
Ted Lyon

The Lyon Firm has had tremendous success battling U-Haul. In April 2008, the firm won an $87 million jury verdict for Talmadge Waldrip, who was run over by the U-Haul truck his daughter had rented when its parking brake failed. During the course of the trial, the firm was able to obtain valuable documents. Although the firm is located in Texas, it can handle claims anywhere in the United States. If you have questions for the firm, please contact them via their website at www.tedlyon.com.

Bennett Bigelow & Leedom
Tim Allen
Tim Allen
William Leedom
William Leedom

On November 9, 2007, Bennett Bigelow & Leedom attorneys Bill Leedom and Tim Allen, along with co-counsel Simon Forgette, obtained a jury verdict of over $15.5 million for Maria Federici in King County Superior Court, Seattle, WA. Maria was blinded, brain damaged and disfigured when an entertainment center fell out of an open U-Haul trailer, crashed through her windshield, and smashed into her face. The attorneys successfully made the case that U-Haul should have provided tie-downs for hauled equipment, should have informed the renter about the dangers of hauling loose equipment in an open trailer, and should have instructed him in how to tie down equipment properly—none of which U-Haul did, of course. Maria’s accident led to the state of Washington adopting “Maria’s Law” which strengthened requirements for properly loading trailers to prevent debris from endangering other drivers. The verdict represented one of the largest recoveries in a personal injury case in Washington state history. You can contact this firm via their website www.bbllaw.com